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Documenting Real Life

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Virgie ~

Hi you! I'm Virgie --- the founder of divinity ranch, a platform dedicated to documenting real life magic. I document stories through prose, poetry, photos, narrative essays, film, and collages of multi-media art. I believe stories are how we make and find meaning ... that stories are how we connect with each other. In my documentation and sharing of magical stories, I hope to connect you who enter my creative world to your deepest selves, to each other, to the Land, and to all living and fantastical beings through the magic of meaningfulness. x

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authenticity, courage, healing

this is a place of authenticity. authenticity and the courage to be authentic are healing salve. the space of authenticity is not specific to a geographic place. it is a place in your heart. it is a state you can remember, enter, return to, go, FEEL, at any time. it is a state of being always waiting to be entered, activated, shared, emanated. there exist communities and connections that allow you to enter this place of authentic courage more and more, also in the physical world. you begin to see signposts and feel heartbeats of folks and their work of healing back into authenticity that bring you, in turn, back to that place of being healed ~ that place of full authenticity and wild courage to express your whole authentic self. from there, you truly heal yourself and others. we meet at the Place of Healing that is the unbridled authenticity of spirit and fierce fullness of heart.

divinity ranch is the authentic expression of my courageous heart.

and so it is a Place of Healing.

welcome, friend.

courageous, authentic expression: Virgie on youtube


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