Divinity Ranch Vision Quest

Let me bring you into what I am seeing.


Let me take you to a place where you are seen at the Heart level.


Allow me to allow you to relax. To get cozy, to get warm and comfy … and then, to get expanded. To allow yourself to expand bigger than you have ever been and to be seen for the fullness and beauty of absolutely all that you are. All witnessed, all accounted for, all accepted, all reverenced. 

This is the space from which I live. It is a Heart space, a Love space, a lovely oasis into which I have wrangled all the wonderful energies that love to live together, to help each other grow in gorgeous mutually beneficial symbiotic sustainable relationships. 

There is a place where everything is perfectly balanced. Come there with me. In this place, it is so clear what one has to give and what another desires to receive that these givings and receivings happen as naturally as breath. 


This is a place of Healing, but it is not specific to a geographic place. It is a Place you can enter, return to, go, at any time. It is a state of being always waiting to be entered, activated, shared, emanated. There is a community that allows you to enter this place more and more also in the physical world. You begin to have signposts of folks and their healing work that brings you, in turn back to that Place of Healing. And from there, you can truly heal yourself and others. The Place of Healing is a vibration, a feeling, an experience we can all go to. There are many ways to heal, many vibrations that suggest and resonate this healing signature and intention and effect. 

Divinity Ranch is a vibration of A Place of Healing --- A wrangling of all good intentions into one marvelous outfit of healing resources and loving vibes.