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welcome home!

Hey there! It’s me, Virgie.


How lovely to have you here with me at divinity ranch. Allow me to introduce myself ...


I was born and raised on a horse and cattle ranch in Cody, Wyoming, riding bareback before I could walk.


Since then, I’ve traveled all over the world on different soul and wilderness adventures, including walking the Camino de Santiago across Spain, trekking 200 miles through Wyoming’s wildest wilderness, exploring and working all over Australia with lovable Aussies and camels, learning the Guatemalteca way living with a family in Xela, and coming back home to the ranch where I grew up to work with horses, the Land, and my home community once again … Before setting out on the wild road with my pups ’n cat to travel all around the U.S. of A., finding ourselves and our home wherever we roamed in my class-c mini-rv named Tortigra.


While living in Guatemala during covid, my spiritual and authentic selves began to stir. I started a YouTube channel, originally called Divinity School (the idea being that, instead of enrolling in a Divinity School, I would just start my own). Having been a writer, content creator, and overall storyteller since high school, sharing words and conveying meaning came easily. What was different about my new YouTube channel was me speaking freely and honestly from my heart about my own spiritual, philosophical, and relational considerations, rather than using my creative prowess to compose pretty pieces for whoever paid me as a freelancer.

As Divinity School grew, so did my ability to be authentic — to explore, express, and integrate evermore aspects of myself. My whole self is not only interested in and nourished by spirituality and philosophy and books and words; she is also deeply rooted in and passionate about Nature and ALL her Creatures and Creations, adventure, aesthetic, sustainability, relational and emotional intelligence and awareness, community, sexuality, magic, psychology, politics, sociology, and the intersections of all these spheres.

I aim for my creative works to express the living process of and toward embodying my most authentic self.



Part of that authenticity meant changing my creative outlet’s name to divinity ranch.


Because for me, a ranch is Home. And to enter here — the home of my creative world — is to walk onto the ranch I create, sustain, and run inside of me. The living creatures I birth and nurture are my ideas, writings, videos, and collage-y convergences of multi-media experiences. This website, my YouTube channel, my instagram, my personal Facebook, and my first book — which is in the works: The Wild Way Home — are some of the Land on which I let my creations flourish so I can sustainably nurture myself and others.


*note: I hope you check my blog, where you’ll see me publishing pieces of “The Wild Way Home,” my writings from 2021, almost all of which I spent on the road living in a van and searching for outside reflections of the wild home burgeoning inside my own wild heart.


Thank you for coming to divinity ranch. One day I hope it is a physical location, too — a ranch you can enter with your body as well as your heart, a place where permaculture, artistic and wellness retreats, wilderness exploration, and communion with animals, plants, ourselves, and each other are cornerstones of the ranch’s operation.


Until then, divinity ranch is the ever-growing virtual representation of the creative outfit I’m forever wrangling inside of me.


It is a place you will find me being as real as I can as I share the real process of my return to authenticity. My greatest hope is that in entering a place where I show you what it’s really like to really be me, you will feel empowered and welcome to really be you, too.


Real life magic — what I’m here to discover and document — is when our outer and inner worlds become more and more as one. May divinity ranch be somewhere you come to shine your true inner light out into the world, a place where you come to remember magic is real.

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