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10 Ways to Find Peace & Hope Right Now

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

with one of my Fairy Godmothers, Suzi, who gave me hope & peace by sharing David Harding’s works with me

A big theme in my life is integration. I’m seeking to integrate parts of myself that I’ve kept apart.

Merriam Webster definition of integrate: "to form, coordinate, or blend into a functioning or unified whole: UNITE." 

Jungian definition of Integration: "[When] we cease rejecting parts of our personalities and find ways to bring them forward into our everyday lives."

On that note, a significant part of myself -- of my passion, education, and experience -- is journalism. Another key part of myself is spirituality, and what the kids these days like to call self-help. Yet another sizeable chunk of my heart is community building. And so, this piece below is a start to me integrating my journalistic side with my spiritual and self-help and community building selves. Thank you to those whose responses made this possible!

Find it From These Folks: Peace, Hope, & Inspiration

Last Thursday, February 25, I sent out an instagram & Facebook story asking my community what books/quotes/practices, etc. were most helping them to alchemically turn hopeless, dark, hard times into more hopeful, light, inspiring ones.

I'm so excited to share their answers and resources with you!!!

Here's the little vid series I posted asking the question.

Below are the answers of those nine divine people who responded to me, plus my own answer at the end.

***Note: This is a journalistic compilation. These are exact quotes of those who responded to my question, and do not necessarily reflect my own values or ethos. My hope is that you take inspiration from some of these, connect with those who inspire you as well as the resources they provide, and, get a little window into what works for some, even if it doesn’t work for (and maybe even irks or upsets!) you.

#1: Breath, Nature, Food, & Love from Noushie

"youuuu are my inspiration, breath work daily, being out in nature, cold swims, music all the timeee, dancing, writing myself love letters, making love to myself.

Food. Amazing delicious nutritional food. That makes me happy. Making food into art.

Lots of affection, I need a daily cuddle. And ceremonies xx." --- Noushie Cox

connect with Noushie of Wild Medicine Women on:

her Wild Medicine Women blog

her Wild Medicine Women Instagram

#2: Trust YOUR Vision and Choose Faith > Fear, from Amber

"Mine is.....trusting your vision --- in reference to creating the life you desire, especially if it's something that's been laid on your heart over and over again. I truly believe we were not put on earth to be “tortured” by our dreams, but to seek them and live them out. To me, that's part of the journey and what keeps me going. Life is fucking hard sometimes ... so hard!! Keeping the faith, LIVING for what you desire and believing in it ... I mean down to your bones, the feeling that you know you are meant for the greatest things. That is what keeps me going! FAITH OVER FEAR. Trust your journey, all of it." --- Amber Chutz

#3: Be Fierce & Fiercely Supported, from Shana

"So when I think about some of the things I've gone through in the past --- in the past week even --- I ask myself how my mom would handle it. And although she's still with us, and I could easily call her and ask, I know exactly what she would do. She would grab the little snot throwing rocks by the back of the neck like a mama cat and kick his butt all the way back to his mama's porch. I am grateful to come from a line of fierce warrior women. [Who help me show my son] that I can never let bulling and discrimination be okay. He is my biggest reason for that.

And, it really is less about those who try and persecute us, and more about those who fiercely support us. I seriously feel like I'm fueled by the fire and power of so many people right now." --- Shana Estes

connect with Shana of Black Cat Alchemy on:

her Black Cat Alchemy website

her Black Cat Alchemy Instagram

her Black Cat Alchemy Facebook page

#4: Discovering the Inner Mother, from Amanda

"Discovering the Inner Mother!!! Amazing book that is currently blowing my mind! The Mother Wound runs so deep for so many women, and many of us are not able or are unwilling to acknowledge it! The Universe has been sending me client after client who doesn’t know what’s wrong, but wants to badly to heal their life, and it is very often talking about this very thing! The Universe and its matchmaking get me every time!" --- Amanda Schmidt

connect with Amanda, Spiritual Intuitive of Atman Sessions on:

her Atman Sessions website

#5: Summoning Free Will, from Justine

--- Justine May

connect with Justine of Justine May Photography on:

her Justine May Photography website

her Justine May Photography Facebook page

#6 Future Plan Power & a little John Prine, from Mariah

"Planning for the future! It's a lot harder to feel sad and dark if you have wonderful things to look forward to. I know it is important to live in the present and be spontaneous, but I have always found having things to look forward to, whether it be as big as law school or a kitchen renovation or as small as a weekend get-a-way, a new movie you're excited about, or a cocktail with a dear friend) --- and a little John Prine ofc --- keeps my light shining even in my darkest moments." --- Mariah Stephens

#7: Life Partners & Childhood Passions, from Jack

"I have an answer! I think Olivia has been the most inspiring thing in my life ... and her ability to grit through adversity. I didn't know that I'd ever find that in a partner, and it's so important and truly inspiring to see. I feel like during the pandemic, we went from a couple to life-partners, which makes me happy.

Also, on a lighter note, I rediscovered some childhood passions (my gameboy), and that's been pretty fun! :)" --- Jackson Schmidt

#8: Practicing Gratitude & The Wisdom of the Ages, from Bill

"For me, implementing a practice of gratitude is the greatest thing I've ever done. Also, listening to [the Youtube Channel] "Giving Voice to the Wisdom of the Ages." Have a good day!" --- Bill McCulley

connect with Bill on:

his bills_art_room Instagram

#9: Courage, Guns, Seeking Source, & Warm Baths, from Shannon

"Have the courage to follow your heart and learn how to shoot a gun ... I am not teaching my daughters to look for a knight, but to hold their own destiny in one hand, and a sword in the other.

Use alchemy to digest the negativity you feel, look out and observe your blessings, see the beauty of nature ... Take a warm bath with Epsom salt and lavender ... Drink a glass of wine and be tender with yourself. Seek the source, acknowledge its lessons and let go of the pain you choose to hold. Breathe it out or transmute it into love, compassion, or wisdom to help another along their path.

If you are with someone, put rose petals in the bath and let them dote on you. Nothing beats a warm embrace of love and a massage in the bath to ease tension." --- Shannon Nunn

#10: Listening to Douglas Harding's works, from Virginia

My (Virginia's ;) own contribution to this piece comes from one of the many inspirational sharings by one of my best friends on Earth, Suzi Shelhamer. Recently, Suzi shared the works of Douglas Harding with me.

If y'all haven't heard of the philosopher, architect, theologian, author, and mystic Douglas Harding (I hadn't, until Suz shared him with me!!!), you might find his works (he published at least 15 books in his lifetime) super inspiring.

Here is the original YouTube video Suzi shared with me, which talks about Douglas Harding's life and key mystical findings (which, by the way, Harding shared with one of my favorite authors, CS Lewis, way back in the day. Lewis was BLOWN AWAY by Harding's insights): YouTube Video "The Man With No Head"

A couple of other Douglas Harding talks on YouTube I'verecently listened to, and in which I have found great peace, hope, inspiration, and perspective:

1992 Radio Interview with Douglas Harding

Douglas Harding on Creativity

You are not what you look like!, Douglas Harding

Lastly, for bonus inspiration, I'd also like to connect you with my friend Suzi of Cody Energetics.

connect with Suzi on:

her Cody Energetics blog

her Healthy Suzi blog

her reddogswy YouTube Channel, which features loads of meditations & more!

I hope y'all have indeed absorbed, and shall go forward in sharing, some peace, hope, and inspiration from this piece!

And I hope to include you and your wisdom, tips, insights, and singular divine expression in my next compilation of this kind!

Here's to documenting real life magic, my friends. x

love always <3


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