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Come Along With Me: On the Wild Way Home

Dearest ones,

It's been awhile!

And here I am again, in the midst of the Wild Unknown, following a yearlong whirlwind of The Wild Way Home.

The Wild Way Home is the name of the first book I will publish in this world. It is a magical memoir, "my own mythology" (to borrow from Audre Lorde's idea of a "biomythology" regarding her book Zami: A New Spelling of My Name in which she explores "the power words give women to redefine themselves and their world").

The Wild Way Home will be a collage of stories ... An interweaving of format and voice and style from true life accounts to essays to dream interpretation to songs to poems to voice memo and whatsapp transcriptions.

To begin birthing my book into being, and for my own fuel and sustenance as I begin the arduous task of editing all my raw writings from the end of 2021 to January 2022 (which comprise The Wild Way Home), I am going to publish the book, piece by piece, as I edit and transcribe it, here on my blog. I hope this will begin to blossom all my seed-bound stories into the world ... Even as I feel so far away from publishing it in book form.

My goal is to publish one piece per day, ish. (We will see how that goes, being as I now have a full-time and rather physically arduous job at a horse facility and stables in Star Valley, Arizona, AND I'm continuing to write thousands of NEW WORDS and stories each day, but hey, poco a poco...). The other wonderful aspect of putting these stories, musings, transcriptions ... THREADS ... on the internet first is that I will be able to wend in photos and videos from the days that correspond with my writings ... something that will be much harder to do in a concrete book format. So in that way, I feel the Wild Way Home that begins its life on my blog will in many ways be the most raw, textured, and rich rendition.

I have SO MANY exciting things I want to tell you about. Like I said, I'm writing about and voice recording enough of them each day even now to blow my mind and heart wide open hourly. And yet, I need ... I want ... to go back in time to where it feels The Wild Way Home started. This humbles me because I feel "I've come so far" since then, and "didn't get it" then in so many ways I seem to now.

But as always, whether with my youtube channel (which I just changed the name of to "on the Virge" as of yesterday, by the way :) or here on my blog, or with any of my creative babies in the world, one of the messages I most wish to convey is that it's all about the PROCESS ... That if I could come from where I came from (where, compared to now, I feel I was SUCH a chaotic unconscious, in many ways (unconsciously) inauthentic, precious passionate rookie ---- imagine where I'll be a year from now lol lol, and so it goes, on and on as we grow) ... that if I could grow like this, messing up and getting it wrong all along the way, and yet ... doing it anyway ... that YOU CAN TOO!

In the spirit of my true self and all my wildness and authenticity and courage with which I have reconnected and REIGNITED over the past year, and in the spirit of showing WHAT'S REAL, I am going to edit my wild expression in the coming pieces as little as possible. I will edit for clarity and efficiency, and I will change or omit names and places where I feel it is best and most respectful. But, as I love to tell people with whom I've had the chance to practice freewriting á la Natalie Goldberg, I'm not writing, sharing, or publishing The Wild Way Home in its million little explosive pieces to write something "good." I'm doing it to WRITE SOMETHING REAL AND WILD. Or, if it is "good," it is only good to the degree to which it is honest for and from me.

This is what interests and excites me -- transparency and getting to the ROOT of things, unearthing wild and sometimes dark and seemingly unspeakable ... BUT I SHALL SPEAK THEM ... truths -- and so let my writing come out into the world in the most congruent and honest way possible. Let that which I express on the outside be evermore exactly how I experience it on the inside.

As I recently read in the 23rd Gene Key in the book The Gene Keys by Richard Rudd: "The philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein once said 'You cannot think something unless you can talk about it.'" I believe, more and more, in the power of DIRECT and UNFILTERED communication (that comes from a place of more and more honesty + love the more we make our unconscious conscious) ... and The Wild Way Home and my style of sharing and publication of it is me wishing to talk about things exactly as I think them.

Tomorrow, we will go back and time, and forward into the flow of my words into the world.

Come along with me, if you will.

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