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Dear Me, You, Us, Ourselves {from me, you, us, ourselves}

(hey you.

here is a letter i once wrote to a lover. now i am that lover. so you see, i reclaim it; this letter is from me = for me. i now see how it is a direct reflection of my love for my me. & maybe, in this love letter, dear lover, you too will uncover, that it is also for you … from you.

come, try, won’t you read it as such?

love, me)

Dear [Me/You/Us/Ourselves],

Here, I write this from the midst of our life together.

We share a house, a room, two furry children, a LIFE.

When I say “I am,” you are also encompassed in my “I”ness: A part of me.

I am happy — with you.

Happy birth day to my partner and my best friend. There is no one else I would rather spend time around than you, and that tells me all I need to know.

What draws me to you has nothing to do with specifics — of looks or skills or interests, or even goals.

It’s a yearning: A recognition that transcends specificities — that transcends time or space.

You have always been with me.

And I have always been compelled toward your presence, since long before we were born of this Earth, and it shall remain so long after we leave it.

Let us step into this next year from that rooted, unquestionable connection — our source of sustenance.

Let us rise to heights we at one time could not even have imagined.

Dear One — The answer for you, from me, is always


Yes, Yes, Yes

for the rest of my life.

Partners ❤️,

Virg (and whoever is reading this)

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