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Hang out with folks you wanna be like

yours truly, Virginia Schmidt, with dear friend & fierce collaborator & certified Boss Babe Alicia Kain of Dawn Creative Consulting

come join us in the serene, late summertime sunshine of a Colorado wilderness Saturday as Alicia and I riff on

 how vital it is to pay attention to where we’re most putting our focus, and how our lives reflect and resonate with what we focus on most. 

relationships are ever evolving, and we can both be more conscious and intentional about where we’re putting our energy when it comes to the closest relationships in our lives, and also use those relationships to observe/reflect on the current energetic and relational state/expression/cycle/season of our lives.

Live video and audio of our chat ... ( plus transcription ((and more pics and vids)) below, if you’d prefer to read & see more x)

mountainside chat, filmed on-trail in Three Sisters Park, transcribed below:

Virginia: Hey everybody, I’m Virginia Schmidt from divinity ranch …

Alicia: I’m Alicia Kain of Dawn Creative Consulting (and Healthy, Happy, Fit) and also a good friend of Virginia’s.

Virginia: Also a best friend of mine :) f you guys have seen any of my really well-produced videos, and some of the short video essays, like the one that I just released called ’’come into my secret garden,’’ Alicia produced those, so check out her stuff on my YouTube channel.

Virginia: So what we were gonna talk about today was just the importance of the people that are most coming into your awareness, or the people you’re spending the most time around.

What does that mean for you?

Alicia: You know there’s a quote that my boyfriend shared with me that I resonate with and that has helped me to discover and observe my life and my habits, that is that … I don’t remember who quote originated from… (it originated from motivational speaker Jim Rohn, read more about how he relates the law of averages and who you spend the most time with, here).

Virginia: Google it! ;)


It’s that ‘you are a product of the five people that you most surround yourself with. And those energies that you bring into your life. 

And that has taken me to a place where I can observe my habits, and understand where they come from, and not be at the mercy of those habits, those patterns, those energies, but rather observe where it came from, and whether or not I want to hold on to it.

Virginia: Mmm, right, making that choice.

So, when it comes to the five people who you are consciously... right, cause this is what we can control, this is not to say there’s not going to be people in our reality — or aspects of ourselves mirrored to us — that maybe we don’t have control over completely, and we do have to spend some time around them ...

So when it comes to becoming more conscious of who that circle of five is, what are some of the values or traits you’re looking for in those people — as in, to encourage in yourself really?

Alicia: For one thing, there’s the aspect of career. So finding people who are better than me at that to surround myself with.


That’s a good one. Write that down: Find people who are better than you at what you wanna do. 

Alicia: I think that concept applies to all different areas of my life, whether it’s career, connections, career collections

V: Collectives…

A: A collective of connections … friends who resonate on a higher vibration than you.

V: Mentors.

A: Mentors.

You know, I’ve shifted my connections. Like, all of my connections, I look up to. Instead of how I used to surround myself with people I still care for, and that also I feel that I was teaching them a lot, and … Hang on, I need to gather this thought cause it can sound …

V: No, no, just keep going

A: You’re gonna have to edit this …

V: I’m not editing this!

V: This is actually beautiful, you’re about to hit on something really good, it feels vulnerable and ...

A: It feels vulnerable, exactly ...

V: So, you’re afraid of how it’s going to be taken. So, you’re like, oh, edit this .. I don’t want it to come from that place. Just say what it is.

A: My process is that, I don’t look at people as if I am better than them — but, wait, or maybe I do ... ;)

V: Or, again, if everyone’s just representing different aspects of yourself, you know, maybe there are certain aspects — certain sort of vibrations — that you have been there, you understand what’s up, and now you’re choosing a different one.

A: Exactly, that, that, yes, that’s it.

And still appreciating people while choosing to surround yourself with people who are better than you in different areas, people who you admire, people who you look up to, people who can teach you and just people that fill your cup.

V: Yes, yes. Two things, a couple things I wanna say.

One, for context, just to let you guys know Alicia is 20 years old, okay, so I just want everyone to know that.

A: It’s a secret

V: She is naturally a leader and a mentor to many. And it’s amazing, I think, to me — and we all know, age is relative, and it’s all an illusion, and all of those kinda of things — AND yet, just in the context of life, it’s really amazing how conscious she is of seeking mentorship [at such a relatively young age.]

V: The other thing I’m hearing you say, that I think connects to this, is:

it’s not that we have this idea that we’re never gonna spend time around people who we wouldn’t want to aspire to. It’s just that, if we consciously spend more time around people like that, then it fills our cup so we have more to give to the people that we are maybe teaching or mentoring or serving. 

A: Yes, it’s a balance of giving and receiving.

And I’ve realized relationships evolve a lot.

V: Yes.


Sometimes, you are learning from somebody, and then, as you evolve in life, as you evolve in your passions, as you evolve in the areas you want to put energy into, the roles kind of switch. I’ve noticed that.

V: Yeah, absolutely.

A: And it’s not that those people, that you can’t have more than those five people in your life, that you really know you want to soak up their energy.