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tell me how many times i must become wild again.

wild, directly from how i feel to how i speak & move, no taming in between. wild, from stories lived to stories shared, no distortion.

wild when pure.

i almost didn’t come down here to mexico because my Dad got really sick & had to have surgery again. (he’s doing much better now, recovering well ~ thank you everyone for your prayers & love & encouragement 🙏🙏🙏).

after torturous deliberation, i flew into mexico city, arriving with Jonelle at night on July 29 for Carli’s 4-day bachelorette fiesta, as planned for many months in advance. the girl pack in la Cuidad, a dream.

i didn’t mean to buy my ticket back for september 7.

i thought it was for august 7 until i checked before i left.

i trusted: if i could swing it, i needed — desired — to stay in mexico for a month. my unconscious insisted.

friends like family & family agreed graciously & hugely to look after Peter, Roz, & Lady May Lynn while i’m gone. THANK YOU Suzi, thank you Jill, thank you John, thank you Mom.

i coulda guessed, had i been wild & clear at the time, more rewilding was in order. more rewilding always is in order.

{my life: an evercontinuing cycle of becoming wild again}.

to rewild = to restore to its natural uncultivated state.

here i am at casa frida en san agostinillo, oaxaca, re-finding my natural uncultivated state.

i become wild again in so many places. in coming to know them, i remember myself. i remember wildness & wilderness, recording stories wildly.

“wild: (of an animal or plant) LIVING or GROWING in the natural environment; not domesticated or cultivated.”

we found our way here to mazunte/san agos on a wild hare. as magically as i ended up here & as magical as my rewilding, may such magic my stories reflect.

i want to be a wild creature singing wild stories. not a trained performer reciting what i am supposed to say.

all this wild talk is to say:


muy sencillo.

for me it requires constant diligence, freeing the wild me.

con suerte, i’ve discovered another destino maravilloso for re-release …

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