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The Praying Over

Updated: May 22, 2022

photo by Jamie Schmidt

The below is a transcription of one of the most sacred, prophetic, “seen” moments of my life, when five dear friends invited me into their relationship with the Divine (here, God) in order to relay to me, in their own words, the messages God wished me to receive through them. This is the first and only time I ever have been prayed over. It was one of the most heart opening, humbling experiences I’ve yet received.

I felt it set the stage for “the rest of my life." And so it begins The Wild Way Home.


December 30, 2020

Voice recording (transcribed)

27 minutes, 45 seconds in length

Betsy and Mark’s House, Cody, Wyoming

“Praying Over”



The first time that Betsy said we were gonna see you, I knew who you were because she said you were the daughter of two physicians.

The first thing I heard for you when I was in LA was: She’s not a doctor, but she is the healer of the family.

Now I’m choking up, sorry.

I felt like God said: No matter what was put on you to be a doctor, that you were never called to be a doctor, but that you were called to be a healer.

And so that is the call of your life: Is that you will heal.

So thank you, Lord.

(Me sobbing in the background)

You have not screwed up. That was the second thing: (me crying more in the background — sobbing) You have not screwed up your life. You have not been a disappointment. You have not wasted your time (note: as I transcribe this, bees are flying and hovering all around me suddenly) You have not wasted your talents or gifts.

[Sigh}. Thank you, Lord, thank you, Jesus.

I felt the Lord said you are called to be a World Changer. That you have a Queen Elizabeth calling on you. (full body goosebumps as I transcribe this) That you are called to lead. That you are called to be a world traveler. That even though Cody might be your home (me sobbing in background), that you are called to travel, and that you will be on all seven continents, including Antartica.

You’ll have communities there — and I just saw you leading groups of women, just young women, just leading them (me sobbing everharder in the background).

And then I felt like the Lord said also — not that you ever would — whatever you do: Don’t settle. Alright?

Don’t settle for something that’s not your dreams.

Then last night as I was praying for you, Lord said: Don’t settle for a man. He said: Wait. He said don’t feel like your time has passed you by. He said that you need to wait for the right guy, cause you just cannot settle at this point. Cause settling is the only thing that will stop you from being the fullness of who you are.

Who you are, who you are, who you are.

And so we bless you.

I feel part of what we’re here to do is to impart hope in you. Because there is a part of you, and it might come from your parents, that says, ‘I need to be practical’, and ‘what am I going to do with my life?’

And I feel the Lord said no; He made you to be a dreamer (me, still sobbing in the background), and that you have to not give up on your dreams.

And so we bless you. We came all the way from LA and Arizona to bring hope to you at this point. So we just declare hope over you and just over your spirit that you need to run wild, that you cannot be fenced in.

And that your brothers might be that type, but that’s not you.

That’s not you, so, don’t compromise. Please: Don’t compromise.

Lord, we bless Virginia. We speak hope to her soul, Lord.

This is not a season for her ever to settle, because you won’t let her. Lord, we just speak to her eyes and to her spiritual eyes to open that she may see you, Jesus, in this season in dreams and visions and with experiences with animals, even. So that you will know that Jesus is with you.

And so we seal you in Jesus’ name."

(End of Peter testimony)



"Lord, we thank you for Virginia. We thank you for her heart. We thank you for bringing her here tonight, Lord. We thank you that she’s exactly where she needs to be. We release your peace, your shalom, your wholeness over her.

Lord … this is more comical, but driving up, ever since we heard we were going to a ranch and meeting you, Virginia, the song “Meet Virginia” was stuck in my head. And as we were listening to the song ... in the lyrics of the song … it’s a one of a kind woman. She’s very … not exactly what you would expect. The lyrics aren’t what you would normally put together. And I felt that does speak to who you are in getting to know you a little bit today.

God has made you truly unique, and it’s important to leave those things open.

I specifically want to stand on behalf of the Church and people who have come from a Christian or religious background and ask for your forgiveness in any way we have come against you or have not seen who you are or have not called out the gifts that God has given you or how He has designed you to be, and just to say we are sorry. That’s not what you deserve. That’s not what God’s Heart is for you.

And then to say you are so much closer to God than so many people (me crying in the background) who think they know Him.

It was so incredible getting to hear your heart for the horses that are entrusted to your care, the land, and the experiences. I can picture you walking the ridge, or knowing there’s certain times where you’ve been out on a horse or out in Nature and you know things. You’re communicating with Him, even though it’s not necessarily words spoken; there’s a deep, innate knowledge and understanding you have.

We want to honor and acknowledge that, and again to repent on behalf of the people who have overlooked that or have not valued that or cherished that. Know God values that.

Know He made you specifically in that way. We pray you continue to pursue that path, and for wisdom in sharing those gifts. Even today, you sharing your wisdom and your relationship with the horses with us was really special. The Lord giving you wisdom with how to impart that to other people --- it’s a special thing.

We were meant to be in relationship with Creation as God created us in the Garden of Eden to rule and reign over the animals and over the land. That is very biblical, and you’re living out kind of the redemption of that. That’s a very important thing to God, and He honors that. We value that in you.

I’ll pause there. I think there’s more, but …"

(Pause in Zach’s testimony)



"Virginia, I feel the Lord wanted you to know that you are so beloved.

Like … He loves you so much. And it’s like this love that you and Him only can understand. And I feel like He wanted to remind you of that: That you’re so beloved.

The first word I heard for you was unique.

I think that parallels other things people have been saying, but you’re so unique, and you are so … delicately crafted … in His Image, and He just loves you. He loves you. He loves you so much.

The picture I got for you was: You were on a boat, and you were rowing the boat aggressively. And there were people drowning around you. And you literally just grabbed people and put them in your boat as you just kept rowing. (Immense goosebumps as I transcribe this) And I felt like the Lord was saying, you literally save lives.

I don’t really know what the outlet is, but whatever it is that you’re doing, your craft — maybe it is actually literally the horses — you save lives. And I think that that is not something to be underestimated. God really honors that, and He placed that in you. And so I wanted to bless that.

I also feel there’s this great strength in you. No matter the things you had to fight through, whether it be with your family, or with close ones, I feel there’s this strength in you. I just saw you as Wonder Woman (me laughing in background). I know Wonder Woman’s coming up, the movie, but that’s the image I got next, and that is something the Lord is going to continue to remind you of: That there is this innate strength in you (me crying in the background).

I’m just overwhelmed by how much He loves you. Like He really, really, really, really loves you.

And we’re so blessed to know you and meet you this week."

(Pause in Deborah’s testimony)



"I know you’re in a place of transition and wondering. You’re feeling these dreams inside of you, and then there’s also the logical aspect of: How do these things actually come to pass?

That was part of the prayer shalom — shalom means wholeness, or nothing missing, nothing lacking, peace. So again, releasing that peace over you.

I wanted to read Ephesians 2:10 over you, and reading it from a translation I think will speak to you.

'We have become His poetry, a recreated people that will fulfill the destiny He has given each of us. For we are joined to Jesus, the Anointed One. Even before we were born, God planned in advance our destiny and the good works we would do to fulfill it.'

(Goosebumps as I’m transcribing this)

I love that verse because it talks about God our Creator. He designed us specifically, and He has already prepared in advance our destiny and what needs to fall into place in order to make that happen or for us to do that.

So to release that shalom, that wholeness, that peace over you --- that there’s nothing you need to make happen.

It’s literally walking day by day in that presentness, that joy. Experiencing time with the animals, with Nature, with the people God has brought you. It’s breaking off any fear or any pressure or any burden that’s not yours to carry. You don’t need to figure it out. There’s not a way to ruin it. (Me crying in the background) You can’t mess it up. You can’t mess it up.

And God trusts you. So trust the dreams He’s placed inside you, and even the experience He’s given you.

And, to honor you, I feel you’re the kind of person — even in your time in Guatemala — who can shift to be whoever you need to be for the people God has put you with. And that you understand people, and you can meet people where they’re at, and really see the best in people (me sobbing in background). And that’s a beautiful gift. And that’s going to be a part of what God uses you for here.

There’s even a part of that that you’re going to be able to see yourself in new ways. And even as you re-listen to this word, and what people are sensing for you, that there’s an even deeper healing for yourself in getting to see how God has made you, and that He’s made you well.

And a deeper self love, that’s going to not only heal you further, but heal the people that you’re with.