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to alchemize every ordinary moment into something extraordinary

During January, 2021, the idea sprouted to buy a van and go out and live on the road. Within this epiphany came the understanding that my creative community, "divinity ranch," was not somewhere specific to one physical place.

Already by then, "divinity ranch" had undergone much evolution.

In the summer of 2020, during which time I was living with chosen family in Xela, Guatemala, I founded my youtube channel and called it Divinity School. The idea being that instead of my needing to go to some fancy divinity school and get a PhD in theology in order to wax poetic on my spiritual interests, I would found my very own community and "divinity school" ... after all, what is life itself but a big old school of divinity? :)

As the channel grew more authentically me, involving more and more of the Land and Her Animals, I felt a more appropriate name for this "place" I was creating (and that was creating me) was "divinity ranch." After all, I'd spent my whole life growing up on a ranch, and now I wanted to redefine what ranch meant to me.

And so I changed the name of my creative community, and my writings and videos began to reflect divinity ranch.

Since then, I've yet again changed the name of my personal youtube channel, now to "On the Virge." Since carefully and consciously choosing to go by the name "Virge" (rather than my given name, Virginia) as of October 2021, I felt "on the Virge" accurately reflected my ongoing evolution and expression.

And ... divinity ranch will still be its own youtube channel (it's currently in the making) --- one where I ... and the creative coven of which I am a part ... create and share films that take place "at divinity ranch" in aesthetic, energy, community, and storyline. It is a channel, a stream, of communal creations and art.

The below segment is a piece I wrote a year and a half ago about what "divinity ranch" meant --- and continues to mean and grow in meaning --- to me.

Because I am like a rose petal of a plains prickly pear cactus carried by the Wyoming wind all over this diverse earth, divinity ranch must be a place I can enter ... and invite others into ... wherever I find myself.

p.s. At the end of this blog is a short film --- made by my dear friend Alicia Kain of Dawn Productions --- that further pulls at the threads that are even now interweaving to make the tapestry of "divinity ranch."


photo by Meredith Zajac ... featuring Stardust and I at Sage Gully, on the BLM behind Double Doc Ranch (cover photo also by Meredith Zajac, featuring me 'n Rubio)

January 22, 2021

Cody, Wyoming

Double Doc Ranch

tinyhome cabin

divinity ranch is a place I take with me wherever I go.

It is a feeling of being welcomed in, welcomed onto the ranch.

We dedicate this ranch to unity, to an operation that runs through the acknowledged oneness and connection and balance of all things.

Peter Pan at Sage Gully

To me, a "ranch" is a place for retreat, for reprieve. It is a place to connect with the Land, and with all Her living creatures --- a place to connect with the Land wherever we are standing or sitting, wherever divinity ranch is convening. We are there to understand, to feel, our overall connection to everything that is.

This is the best way for all of us to function: Simply understanding the deep truth of interdependence. And in this, being curious to find out more about this web of interdependence.

For everyone and everything must depend upon us in some way, and we upon it.

The entire balance of the universe is all these things together, at once. So whatever relation we have to anything at any moment is holy and is part of us. It is part of the determining, figure giving, synchronized dance of the universe.

photo by Meredith Zajac ... divinity ranch crew en route to Sage Gully

Any and every moment is holy and worth capturing.

The whole macrocosm can be found in any microcosm.

No moment can be called meaningless, because it is one with all that is occurring in every moment, ever: The whole must be contained in every piece of itself.

All eternity exists in each moment, each setting, each experience.

When we see hints of such symmetry, such melodies, such patterns, we go toward those things. We sense this these truths must be true of everything if they are true of anything.

There must be a melody my life is making, a tapestry I am weaving, even if it is currently unbeknownst to me how that tapestry looks and lives in higher, broader perspectives.


Now, divinity ranch goes on the road, beginning to capture and express life from a point of true freedom.

Finding a way to make it work. Abundance flowing like water. The courage and capability to capture magic, to alchemize every ordinary moment into something extraordinary, just with the power of pure presence.

Freedom, and stories, each moment, each snippet an indicator of the overall fabric, the character conveyed freely, unrestrainedly, boldly, courageously.

She is wild and she is free, becoming one with Nature and with her nature: Embracing All as herself.


video produced by Alicia Kain of Dawn Media

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